The dry and dusty hills of Andalucia make growing & cooking in the campo a skilful process, which is why we employ people with generations of experience. From the ground to the kitchen, attention and care are put into every step along the way.

Even with short journeys, the condition of ones ingredients can deteriorate. Locality is key and we have found that the way to create the tastiest food, is to go straight from fork to fork.

Another string to Albar’s bow is its celebrated pizza list. All pizzas are made to order in front of your eyes in the restaurant’s own wood-fired oven.

Our menu encompasses the tastes of traditional Spain, and the food we cook adapts with the seasons so that we can get the very best from our ingredients.

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We source quality local meat from the rugged hills of Andalucia to roast in our wood-fired oven for an unmistakably Spanish, smokey flavour. It lends itself not only to the slow cooking of pork knuckle and goat leg but also to more delicate dishes such as monkfish and cod, that gain a certain complexity when baked over wood.

The fruits of the sea are an ever-present feature on any traditional Spanish menu due to the availability of the best quality fresh fish. We collaborate with coastal stallholders who land and sell their produce on the same day. Dishes such as grilled langoustines or mussels are cooked simply, to celebrate the quality of the raw produce.

Our Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly dishes follow our field to fork fresh-is-best approach, with many sumptuous sun-packed ingredients thoughtfully brought together to highlight the fabulous variety and taste of local hand grown produce. Dishes such as our Courgette Walnut and Butter Bean Salad, Charred Endive and Orange Salad or, Artichoke with Asparagus and Broad Bean Pot are a mouth-watering favourite with every diner.


Our Opening Times

Friday 19.00 – Close

Saturday and Sunday 12.00 noon – Close

What our guests say

“As much as I wish to keep this extraordinary restaurant a secret, I think the “cat” is out of the bag…Spain is now home to some of the worlds most amazing restaurants…The “Albar” in El Pilar, Andalusia is one of them. The open kitchen is a blend of the timeless and new with it’s modern feel and wood fired oven. Clayton’s home made bread helps to get the plates clean. That is, if your bread is not covered with the most incredible Ajo”.
Guest from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2015

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