Albar is committed to finding ingredients locally, and to using as many organic and spray-free components as possible in its dishes.

The menu gives a clue to this, with notes telling you , for example, that their potatoes are Patatas ecologicas de nuestros vecinos Ethigal y Juan Antonio de El Pilar. The potatoes grown organically by our neighbours come from a field just 30 metres from the restaurant. No food miles here!

Similarly with most of our ingredients, supplies come from local providers. Fresh fish and seafood come straight from Almeria port, and both olive oil and fresh goat come from Lubrin, just few km away. Chicken and rabbit are raised for us nearby, free-range and organic.

Through these practices, Albar sees itself as an integral part of the local economy. It is a reliable outlet, giving a steady boost to nearby providers of high-quality produce. In the summer of 2014 this aspect of Albar’s involvement in the community was recognised when, in a programme highlighting the use of local produce, the Spanish radio station Cadena Ser broadcast live from the restaurant.

Meet some of our suppliers here on this page!

Loli is the Mayoress of El Pilar and provides us with many things, not least daily fresh eggs. Our friendship with Loli spans nearly a decade and her cooperation has been imperative to the continuous development of Albar.
Juan Antonio
Juan AntonioVegetable Producer
Juan Antonio is Loli’s husband and holds a beautifully kept farm right across from the restaurant that provides us with various ingredients for the kitchen.
FranciscoVegetable Producer
Francisco takes care of the plot in Barranco de la Abuela where we grow our vegetables.
RosaVegetable Producer
Rosa provides us with anything else we don’t grow ourselves. She has a market stall in the nearby town of Uleila del Campo.
AdeleFresh Bakery Products
Juan Manuel & his wife Adele run a bakery Uleila del Campo where we source our fresh bread.
Jane Doe
Jane DoeFish Monger
We buy our fish from…, in our nearest town, Lubrin. Their fish comes directly from Almeria Port.